Tuesday, April 25, 2006

कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे

One of my Favourite song lyrics...

Title: कितने अजीब
Film: Page 3
Starring: Atul Kulkarni, Bomaan Irani, Konkana Sen Sharma, Sandhya Mridul, Tara Sharma
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Music: Shamir Tandon
Lyrics : Ajay Jhingran, Sandeep Nath

Part I (Hindi version)

कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे |
दो पल मिलते हैं साथ-साथ चलते हैं |
जब मोड़ आए तो बचके निकलते हैं |

यहाँ सभी अपनी ही धुन में दीवाने हैं |
करें वोही जो अपना दिल ठीक माने है |
कौन किसको पूछे कौन किसको बोले |
सबके लबोन पर अपने तराने हैं |
ले जाए नसीब किसको कहाँ पे |
कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे |

ख़्वाबों की ये दुनिया है ख़्वाबों में ही रहना है |
राह ले जाए जहाँ संग-संग चलना है |
वक़्त ने हमेशा यहाँ नये खेल खेले |
कुछ भी हो जाए यहाँ बस खुश रहना है |
मंज़िल लगे क़रीब सब को यहां पे |
कितने अजीब रिश्ते हैं यहाँ पे |

In English alphabets...

kitney ajeeb, rishtey hain yahan pe
do pal miltey hai, saath saath chalte hain
jab modh aaye toh, bachke nikalte hein

yahan sabhi apani hi, dhun mein devaane hein
kare vohi jo apna, dil thik maane hein
kaun kisko pooche, kaun kisko bole
sabke labon par, apne tarane hein
lejaye naseeb, kisko kahan pe
kitney ajeeb rishtey hain yahan pe,

kwabon ki ye duniya hein, kwabon mein hi rehana hein
Rahan le jaye jahan, sang sang chalna hein
vaqkt ne hamesha yahan, naye khel khele
Kuch bhi ho jay yahan, bas khush rehana hein
manjil lage kareeb, sab ko yahan pe
kitney ajeeb rishtey hain yahan pe

Part II (sad) (only in English Alphabets :( )

do pal miltey hein, saath saath chalte hein,
jab modh aaye toh bachke nikalte hein,
kitney ajeeb rishtey hein yahan pe,

thokar bhi khana hein, chalte bhi jana hein,
vaada kiya toh, usko nibhana hein,
yahan sabko saare, daav aazmaney hein
sabhi ek duje se, zyada sayane hein
kitney ajeeb, rishtey hein yahan pe

Enjoy maadi :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why can't I enjoy???

Always I ask this question to myself from my childhood...
Why can't I enjoy the every moment in my Life???
I know the life is not so easy how I think. Some times I get more than expected and sometimes I won't get what I expected. Whatever may be, I can't enjoy the things as a normal person.
When I am there with my friends or relatives or family members enjoying the things, suddenly I feel like I am loosing this happiest thing with in a fraction of second. The moment I feel,I become alone and lonely with in that crowd. The pain is more than the enjoyment.

May be thinking of the loosing of the enjoyment for next moment makes me, not to enjoy the current moment???

Even I observed many times in my life that how much happiness I get, the same amount of sadness follows soon. They are balanced.

The fear of accepting the sadness may be making me not to enjoy ???

I want to get that silent enjoyment,the peace of mind...might be with some satisfaction. Can I???

Yet another appreciation

This happend recently i.e 23 March 2006 in Taj recidency. QA conference was conducted by my new employer in Bangalore. All the Managers from US counter part and Bangalore were present with the whole QA team from Bangalore. All Managers presented their work, acheivements etc. It was one full day function.

End of the program has the recognition for work from team. Few were called and rewarded for their work. Each ones manager came on stage and explaining about their work. Even I too was called. I couldn’t believe myself it was great surprise to me. CEO had given the appreciation letter. I was shocked and I never ever expected that one day I will be called like this.

In the above photo, I missed myself from shoot as I rushed back but can see my manager telling about me and can see CEO & others too.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First day in Jeans at office

Might be it has been more than one and half years over from now...

Yes...I decided to wear the Jeans one day. I brought jeans and kept that inside for a long time. All my friends started insisting me to wear that. Now I should think of stitching the top (Kurtha type) for the Jeans, as I was feeling uncomfortable to wear short top all of a sudden.

We three (Me, another friend and my room mate) went to a shop to buy the cloth for top. The sales guy started showing different varieties. He was very active, smiling and showing his smartness while talking. We finalized one and told to give about one and half meters. He did the same. We were about to give the money and asked about the cost. For our shock, he told Rs. 410. I couldn’t believe and never thought it may come that costly. I was thinking that it might cost at the most 200 to 250. I didn’t have that much money with me. We can’t go without buying that because it has been cut from the bundle and nobody can reuse the same. I collected the money from my friends and brought. This was the good experience, which realized us that we need to be smart enough in Bangalore while shopping. That day onwards I started calling that top as 420-Top.

After the top is stitched, still I kept that for one week or so. Finally one day I wore that to office with a jacket on top it. Went silently to office and sat in my seat. I don’t want others to notice me in Jeans and start commenting. The guy sitting next to me obviously come to know and started teasing me. Our team size was nearly 10 to 15 members. I looked bit orthodox from the beginning and everybody surprised to see me in Jeans-a sudden change in my dress code. Jeans looked bit loose for few and asked that did I wear Jeans of my brother or father? Someone said it will not suite for me. This was going on. I avoided getting up from the seat most of the time.

Suddenly our onsite coordinator entered our room with his assistant. We were told to gather around including our team manger. I stood behind a cubicle to hide myself from the full view. He started speaking, that he appreciated our team’s work etc etc... Also want to thank for the two people who came forward and did good job among the team members. All of a sudden he called my name. I was not expecting this sudden surprise but now I have to stand in front of the whole team. I was very much embarrassed. Next he called one more colleague. A certificate and a watch have rewarded us. I looked at my Manager with gratitude. I could clearly make out that he controlled himself, not to laugh looking at my dress.

I can never forget the first day in Jeans at office in my life, the reward, also the frank smile of manager towards my dress like other colleagues.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Picture of Life

I got a superb photo and looking at this, I felt like "Life is a mixture of Brightness & Darkness bounded by time". I love this picture a lot because it showed me the life in it.

Everybody tries to move towards the brightness!!!
Just moving towards the brightness because can't bear the darkness???

Life is not yet clear to me.
What I am expecting from this life??? What is there in this life !!! Why I am here???

Keeping myself aside, I think a lot about the life but finally will endup with confusion and give up this life to drive by itself