Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Diwali Special

Yes..I am back with diwali special. I went to my native and had lots of fun. From this fast going life, had a break of few moments I can say. Frankly speaking Nature is very crazy thing to know. I can't describe everything but few things I can share about the diwali which is celebrated differently at my place (I think so..).
All know about Balindra - Bali Padyami- the story takes different turns in different places …but the basic theme remains the same,…a great person who had given everything, himself to Vamana (Maha-Vishnu) and worshiping that great person in our own way.

For the Abhyanjana(oil bath), we dressed our copper pot like this. That is filled with water, will put bit of turmeric powder (which treated as good Antibiotic scientifically)and using different kind of leaves will prepare syrup and use that for head bath.

After taking bath, we were allowed to collect different flowers. These flowers were used in night while doing the pooja of paddy fields.
Following are few flowers shots

In the night, we all go with light of Soodi(its made up of coconut leaves used for firing-replacement for Torch) and we will wait for this always. Uncle will say one slogan "Holi kotro baligondro.. Balidevru tamrAjyakk tAve bandru..…Holiye ba holiye ba holiye ba (It's in Kundapura kannada). holi means Paddy, By giving paddy to us, Balindra sacrified himself...This day, he is called again to this earth (kingdom) and had given all the respect. Again praying for the paddy to grow well. We will put those flowers, and the light to the paddy field.
Once uncle finishes his slogan, we have to shout like Koo... Koo... Koo... (we are allowed to shout to the extent - only on this day). When we were children, we used to compete with others to shout. Sometimes we will start shouting koo koo koo before uncle finishes his slogan (that time we will get the scolding from him). I thought its Huli(Tiger) instead of Holi(Paddy). I was assuming that it is Huliye(Tiger) ba(come)..and wonder why they are calling Huli(Tiger) to the paddy fields!!!! When I have grown up, I understood the correct meaning of it.
Next day my mother should prepare pepper kashaya to correct the voice (shouting effect).

Ha!! this kind of putting light to paddy fields on this day has the scientific meaning too. Every body keep the light, it's kind of collectively, killing the insects which effect the paddy fields.

This is very different from the crackers and other stuff. Crackers were preserved for Tulsi pooja.