Friday, December 01, 2006

Trekking to Kodachadri

I had been to Kodachadri on the Diwali vacation. It was a sudden decision. All my cousins and my brothers planned to go by leaving aside the girls. When I said that I will join them, they tried to scare me by telling that it will be difficult for girls, I can’t climb the hill and they need to arrange an ambulance to carry me at the end (this is all sorts of avoiding fundas I know !!! but I am not the girl to leave… I also have some fitting stuff & there is no other go, except taking me with them). Three bikes were arranged. We were 7 people. For my sake, my youngest brother need to drop the trip but when I saw his face I felt bad. Finally somehow we managed to get one more guy with the bike of course :) !!!

We 3 (myself, my 2 brothers), 4 cousins & Chikki’s(aunt’s) brother started from Kundapura (around 10-10.30am).
All the bikes were giving competition (speed more than 70 km/hr) to each other. We reached Kollur at around 12pm.

We reached near kodachadri at around 12.30pm-1pm (8-9 Km away from Kollur...In between we stopped near a small fall kind of place)

We visited Devi Mookambika’s origin place in the begining and few temples over there. Next Ganapathi Guhe, Shankara Peetha (Sarvajna Peetha), Chitra moola (River origin). You can find few small falls here and there all the way to top of the hill. My father told few more places but we couldn’t go.

Leaches will accompany you all-along the journey to the hill. If you were unaware then you may welcome them to your home too :)

Kodachari is a beautiful place to go for trekking. One should go before the middle age else it will be difficult to climb the hill.

Bike riding…ooooooooooooooh..I can’t explain. I was sitting behind my cousin’s bike. The way to the hill was not that great...In that also, he balanced the vehicle so nicely… I really appreciate the way he rides... I wish I could ride... It’s one of my dream toooooo……

While climbing down, my brother had given me a good company with his jokes & fun and made me to forget the tiredness of climbing. I am the eldest among them but they made me to feel like I am the youngest…Really I am very lucky to have such brothers and cousins :).

They didn’t allow me to take photos while climbing up (asked me to come fast and told that I can take photos while coming back) I am cursing them now. I missed beautiful shots :( because while coming back, it was full of mist.

I don’t like to explain all but rather I will say visit once :)

Few shots from my camera (Cannon EOS – 350D – Digital SLR)

One more

Don’t search for me here in these !!! Forgot or what??? I am the photographer hummmmmmmm…;)